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Telehealth Clinical Evaluations 

The cost for a DUI Clinical Evaluation varies based on whether you are a First Offender, Multiple Offender or

Habitual and/or Out-of-State Offender.

Contact (762) 241-4732 for fee rates.  Clinical evaluations are completed by appointment only.  Please bring a current MVR (motor vehicle report) and 5-7 year background check to your appointment.


*It is important to be mindful that the DUI School you attended may charge you up to a $25 fee to transfer your NEEDS Assessment to the Clinical Evaluator.


**Please be aware that the Clinical Evaluator may recommend substance abuse treatment.




Provided Virtually for Meriwether County, GA.

This service may now be provided via a telehealth appointment from the convenience of your home anywhere in the state of Georgia.  Please contact (762) 241-4732 to arrange for this service to ensure that you have the appropriate device to access and complete telehealth appointments.

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