420 - Cannabis Education

Why Prime For Life 420?

*  420 focuses on specific beliefs and attitudes common among marijuana users.

*  420 addresses thorny issues, such as "Is marijuana addictive?" and "How can marijuana impairment trick us?"

*  420 illustrates a cannabis-specific progression to a trigger point for THC addiction.

*  420 uses the latest science and new THC-focused videos to illustrate real-world examples of marijuana's effects.

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How We Help

*  Prime For Life 420 has a unique, multifaceted approach that motivates people of varying backgrounds and levels of high-risk choices to change cannabis use attitudes and behaviors.

*  Every detail - from the overall course structure to inclusive, non-judgmental language and graphics - has been designed by industry experts, including doctoral-level psychologists to promote thoughtful self-analysis.

*  During the course, participants learn to evaluate behaviors as "high-risk" and "low-risk," to understand how problems develop and how to prevent problems  with research-based , low-risk guidelines.


*  The self-assessment experience helps people become more aware of what they value and are risking and how to protect the things that matter most as well as opportunities for substance abuse counseling.

This curriculum can be provided in 8, 12, 16 and 20-hour increments based upon individual need.  Please contact (762) 241-4732 to schedule your session dates.